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Βasic information

Premium ISO Touch 86% is an innovative supplement, which designed so that the person who consumes,take adequate amounts of clear and high quality protein during the day. Iso touch contains: 85% Whey Isolate, 10% whey hydrolized and 5% Flavor. After 1 scoop body receives 26gr of protein which helps to increase lean mass, while large percentages glutamine bearing lead to rapid muscle recovery.So, all make it more useful as it contains the highest quality protein you can consume.

NOT contain lactose, carbohydrates, soy, casein, aspartame, acesulfame and wheat peptides

What is Premium ISO TOUCH?

ISO Touch contains:

  • 85% Whey Isolate(WPI 95) facilitates and speeds up the absorption of the protein as it contains peptides and polypeptides.
  • 10% whey hydrolized(WPH 86) having 95% purity which means that it is not contains non-protein components such as lactose, fat and cholesterol
  • 5% Flavor only with stevia,it is not contains sugar(malto,dextro)

The workouts require huge amount of protein from the body. If this is not the quantity, the body begins to catabolize muscle proteins,which destroys muscles. It is necessary to give proteins to body after 3 or 4 hours, for the proper functioning of the body and prevent catabolism of muscle proteins. Whey recived from milk of grass fed cows and concentrated by ultrafiltration and cross-flow microfiltration techniques and not by radiation.This supplement is an important source of aminoacids. It contains amino acids that are not synthesized in the body and any process that occurs in the body requires proteins, thus amino acids. It is the richest source of leucine, an amino acid which stimulates synthesis of muscle protein, and glutamine, which helps in the strong activity of the immune and the quick recovery of the muscles.At the same time, from the ISO TOUCH the body receives the highest amount of protein (26gr / scoop) with less fat, cholesterol and lactose.

The amino acids used in the synthesis of proteins and as you will see below in the picture, the ISO TOUCH has high amino acid content.

Why premium ISO TOUCH?

The careful selection of raw materials with high-level analysis ensures a high quality final product.Therefore ISO Touch Premium Blend TM contains the best quality of ISO95 and real Hydrolized WPH86. Supplement guarantees that obtain more than 86% pure protein in every scoop, with less fat, cholesterol and lactose.

But because a key factor is the taste,we make the best taste for you.

Gold Touch Blend profile

Generally ISO TOUCH has a rich amino acid profile and are a natural source of glutamine, BCAA and leucine. As shown in the diagrams in blend of ISO TOUCH the BCAA amino acids are absorbed faster and to a greater extent. Respectively, the insulin secretion is maximized faster than the pure whey protein. This combination of higher levels of amino acids and insulin in blood is able to create an anabolic environment, i.e. to stimulate protein synthesis, while high levels of amino acids are readily recoverable and improve muscle recovery and reduce pain.

Protein (total) - DUMAS method : 85,28% *

  • lactoglobulin - ISO 8968 (RIA)-(N*6,38) : 51%
  • lactalbumin - by calculation Kjeldahl method : 21%

* The percentage varies depending on the time of milking (≈ ± 4%)

β-lactoglobulin offers a large percentage of BCA amino acids BCA that help in the prevention of muscle breakdown and glycogen adequacy during exercise.

The a-lactalbumin is the second most abundant component in whey protein, and is the most abundant protein in milk.It plays an important role in binding to various forms of calcium, increasing thus the absorption, and also has high levels of essential and BCA amino acids.

We guarantee that every ISO TOUCH bottle manufactured with raw material milk from cows that eat grass, without the administration of hormones and without genetically modified additives. Both the raw material and the ISO TOUCH production processes are subject to regular controls and follow high standard, which ensure a quality final product that complies with the regulations of international organizations. Furthermore each batch carries automated code under which the origin can be controlled.

Recommended use

  • Take 30-50 grams in the shaker and add 250-300 ml of cold water, milk or your favorite beverage. Mix for 60 seconds.
  • Take 30-50 grams in a blender fill it with 250-300ml cold water, milk or your favorite beverage. Blend for 20-30 seconds, add 3-4 ice cubes and blend for another 30 seconds.
  • Add fruit, yogurt, oats, coconut milk or low glycemic index and high-energy ingredients and enjoy a healthy meal.
  • Add 30-50 grams in a blender 250-300ml fill with whipped cream and an egg (whole or only the whites). Blend for 60 seconds and place in the freezer for 1-2 hours.

For maximum effect dossage is 2gr per kg of body weight.

Ideal for the body is to consume 6 light meals,including protein drinks(three meals and three protein drinks).Ideally consume a drink after a workout because your body absorbs the nutrients of protein and passes it directly to the muscles.

Gold Touch Nutrition ISO 22000 is an approved laboratory, with high quality ingredients to increase and keep your muscles hard. Professional Bodybuilder, athletes, people who care about their diet and wellbeing using Gold Touch Premium ISO TOUCH because it is a unique product that provides great results.