Fat Killer Version 2

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Basic information

FAT KILLER is a unique product that solves the problem in weight management. It has proven to be able to help not only in the reduction of fat cells, but can also contribute to their elimination from the body. Fat killer Version 2 was developed to optimize the desired results. It contains L-carnitine, lipotropic factors and natural activators. This combination assists in transport of fat for energy production and burning of fat reserves. Once activated natural fat burning processes in your body, it has the effect of accelerating the metabolism and become more effective. So instead of storing fat, you will build muscles! At the same time slowing down of the fat-forming process, leading to have a demonstrable effect much faster weight loss!


What is Fat Killer?

It is a unique combination containing as basic substances:

  • L-Carnitine

It is a nutrient that is derived from the amino acids lysine and methionine. Transports fatty acids into the mitochondria where they disintegrate and ultimately used in the Krebs cycle, from which it produces energy. Through releasing energy,strength can be increased and the body reduces the consumption of muscle glycogen. This combined with the reduction of the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles can prolong endurance during exercise before becoming tired. In addition, L-Carnitine supports athletic performance and endurance, and helps to reduce oxidation of muscle. If you include L-carnitine in the arsenal of your supplements, beyond your goals, you will achieve fat loss and strength gains.

  • Lipotropic factors

lipotropic factors are strong allies in burning fat and promote weight loss. They included:

1.Choline. Ensures weight loss through fat decomposition, release energy by burning fat, while at the same reducing the risk of fat disease and liver dysfunction.  Absence choline, prevent processing of fats in the liver, resulting in accumulation of fat in the body and weight gain.

2.Inositol. It prevents the creation of new fat stores and removes fat and removes fat to be burned.

3.Methionine. It is an essential amino acid that is not synthesized by the body and must be obtained through food. Helps reduce fatty acids and cholesterol in the liver and promotes proper cell function.

  • Natural activators

Natural activators are enzymes that play a central role in the regulation of energy within the cell. Moreover, increasing the fatty acid oxidation, which also leads to weight loss.


Why this Fat killer?

Because Fat Killer is a unique combination that:

  • Activates and improves metabolism.
  • Produces energy from your stored fat.
  • Slows the fattening process.
  • Is the only fat burner that does not contain caffeine.

Thus through the process of combustion of fat reserves, the new FAT KILLER is able to release a significant amount of energy. Thus succeeds to burn the fat of reserves the body without depriving him of energy!


Recommended Use

Take one pill with each meal, drinking at least one glass of water.

Warning: Consult your doctor before use if you have a medical condition like liver, kidney, heart or thyroid disease, seizure or psychiatric disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, recurrent headaches, irregular heartbeat, difficulty urinating, enlarge the prostate or glaucoma.

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