Mega Mass

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Basic information

Increasing muscle mass requires appropriate supplements, a lot of calories, protein and daily training.MEGA MASS is the most advanced bulking product, which helps to increase muscle mass, while enhance your athletic performance. It is a balanced combination of high-quality carbohydrates and proteins and is an excellent addition to meals so that render the highest levels of calories, the calories are attributable to lean muscle and not fat.


What is MegaMASS?

MegaMass contains a unique combination of complex carbohydrates that are absorbed at different rates.The result is to release the energy that body need to fuel workouts, while  replenishes glycogen stores during exercise. Futhermore, these carbohydrates helps the anabolic effects of insulin,so as build dense,high qualite muscles.

MegaMass contains proteins (Whey protein concentrate 80) that feed the muscles, enhancing performance and helps in muscle recovery after exercise.It also contains a percentage of amino acids used for protein production.

Benefits of MegaMASS

Contains VITARGO, which is a carbohydrate that penetrates the stomach and intestine and reaches to the bloodstream 2 times faster than the maltodextrin and sugar, allowing glucose in the blood, liver and muscle. Vitargo significantly increases insulin release.


Benefits of MegaMASS:

    increases muscle mass and strength
  • provides a blend of healthy fats and carbohydrates
  • It is not contain sugar, gluten and lactose
  • Fantastic milk chocolate flavor

More specifically, MegaMASS solves problems in obtaining muscle as it contains everything you need to increase muscle mass.

    More proteins,
  • more complex carbohydrates
  • more good fats
  • more taste
  • less sugar
  • less cholesterol and trans fat.

Recommended use

Mix one dose (2scoop = 60gr) with 250-300ml water, milk or your favorite beverage,3 times a day between meals and one dose should be before training.

Ideal for the body is to consume 6 light meals,including protein drinks(three meals and three protein drinks).

Gold Touch Nutrition ISO 22000 is an approved laboratory, with high quality ingredients to increase and keep your muscles hard. Professional Bodybuilder, athletes, people who care about their diet and wellbeing using Gold Touch MegaMASS because it is a unique product that provides great results.