Mass Evolution

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 Mass Evolution

Hypertrophy Nutrition

Many more strength! MASS EVOLUTION is designed to offer you immediate energy in a fast and clean way, carbohydrates such as maltodextrin and dextrose will load your glycogen levels so that you get a load before or right after your workout. More than 80% carbohydrates accompanied by only 1.4% fat! a percentage even much lower than some proteins.


Much more volume! MASS EVOLUTION also offers concentrated protein of easy and rapid digestion so that your workouts are never heavy, little by little you will repair your muscle fibers and grow as you have never done before. Your BCAAs will always be arranged in blood to provide amino acids to your muscles.  Much more resistance! MASS EVOLUTIONcontains 3000 mg of CREATINE EVOLUTION that will provide many more strength and much more strength, your workouts can be as hard as you want, stagnation will be a thing of the past because you will return to new levels in your exhausting sessions. With MASS EVOLUTION the growth is assured, you will feel the strength in your interior, your resistance will have no limits ... The evolution of your body is here inside!

Presentation: 2-4 Kg

How to use: Pour 5 scoops of Mass Evolution in 500 ml of water or skim milk. Take 2 to 3 daily shakes between meals.

Never replace with a good diet, this product is a supplement that as such will be added to it.